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Bellwether Training positively impacts individuals, teams and organizations by promoting and delivering developmental experiences that produce quantifiable business results

Leadership Skills Workshop

You may qualify for a $2,900 Leadership Skills Workshop on us! This workshop is built around 4 specific excerpts from our full 24 topic, 12 month program. Your team will experience our training, our process, and tangible results before you make a decision to invest in our training. There is no obligation, or risk. This is how sure we are of the positive and quantifiable impact of our program. Request more information now.

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“I invited Jonathan to conduct the 2 hour Leadership Skills Workshop for me and my management team as a way to review the Bullet Proof Manager Program. The workshop was professional, engaging and enjoyable. Out of the workshop my team identified a potential benefit to our organization of more than $320,000 from the action plans we developed!”
Ted Bumgardner, President/CEO
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World renowned faculty

Our Faculty is one of the finest collections of leadership development experts ever assembled. Top trainers and business best-selling authors in their fields, between them they have developed unparalleled content for the latest Bullet Proof Manager Course that has ensured its popularity worldwide.

10 Core Competencies

Communication. Customer Service. Developing People. Leadership. Managing Change. Negotiation. Problem Solving. Raising Productivity. Strategic Thinking. Teambuilding. 48 hours of training and development focused on these ten core competencies which are essential for success as a manager and leader.

Measured Development

We develop people over time. Our workshops are four hours once a month for 12 consecutive months. During each workshop we address two key management skills and managers create an action plan based on what they have learned. They have 30 days to implement that plan and practice their skills before coming back to learn two new ones.

Accountability Process

10 days after each workshop, we meet with your managers at your office. Each manager shares their action plan for implementing key ideas from the workshop within your organization, their SMART goals, and the results they have achieved from previous plans. This ensures good ideas are translated into quantifiable returns on financial investment,


Jonathan Seitz
Jonathan has served as an executive leader in two multi-national businesses and owned and managed two successful startups. With over 35 years of positive impact through coaching, mentoring, and leading others to achieve, Leadership and Management Development is an extension of his passion and experience.
Sian Wyatt
Director of Operations
Sian is committed to the success of every Bullet Proof Manager and manages the follow-up meetings that help ensure the program’s measurable benefits, both to the participant and their sponsoring organization. Previously she was VP Customer Care & Delivery for a multinational company.
Tim Templeton
Director of Facilitation
Tim Templeton is an experienced training facilitator and platform presenter with over 20 years of facilitation experience. Tim has authored 3 business books including The Referral of a Lifetime, the lead publication in The Ken Blanchard Series and translated in 12 languages.
Sam Serio
VP Business Development
Sam has set the bar for sales success in multiple businesses as well as developed and led high performing sales teams. His passion is motivating individuals to higher levels of achievement.

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